Susan Bijl

//Susan Bijl

In the year 2000, Susan Bijl set out to create a bag. As a student of Rotterdam’s Willem de Kooning Acadamie, she wanted to design one that would render all others obsolete.
That bag is The New Shoppingbag.
Born partly from the idea of reducing the waste involved with the production of plastic bags; and partly from the ‘less is more’ Dutch design philosophy, The New Shoppingbag was an instant hit amongst friends, fashion-lovers and designers alike.

The bag’s original design was based on the silhouette of a generic plastic bag. Susan gave it her own spin by creating a colourful variation, crafted from Ripstop nylon. The same fabric kites are made of, Ripstop is both indestructible and lightweight – making it the ultimate choice. The only thing lacking was a signature. After many sketches and prototypes, Susan created the iconic ‘Flash’ – a diagonal stripe that has appeared on every product she’s designed since.

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